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We invest a significant part in the development of new lines and formulations that allows us to move forward with a continuous improvement and added value, placing us at the forefront of professional cosmetics.

Body Treatments

Body treatments based on results with powerful solutions in firming and reducing cellulite products. Specific treatments for breast area and stretch marks.

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Drains, reduces cellulite and fat all over the body.

With the ALGAS ROJAS products, visible and lasting results are observed from the very first applications to treat edematous cellulite and/or fat deposits all over the body. The exclusive LIPOLIMIT FACTOR™ complex together with the synergistic action of its main ingredients has a targeted action on fat cells, slowing the rate of lipogenesis and significantly reducing cellulite by inducing the process of lipolysis in the adipocytes. Its lipolytic activity is complemented by drainage, where retained fluids are removed and circulation is boosted and toxins eliminated. It also has a tightening effect, providing essential amino acids that help the skin tissue’s complex structure and fibrous network to recover, and helping the skin to maintain and repair its strength and resistance, effectively minimizing the orange peel-like effect.


Firms and nourishes the skin

The products of the B&FIRM ACTIVE+ line have a powerful firming action while also moisturizing and nourishing the skin. The main ingredients that compose the exclusive LIFT SI-MATRIX complex work synergistically to stimulate collagen production, creating structural bonds between the skin’s cells and ensure the mineralization of the skin tissue to reinforce its suppleness and firmness. The firming action is complemented with healing properties that increase tissue scaffolds, turgor and moisture, with anti-oxidant properties, to protect the skin from oxidative stress and even reverse some of its effects on aged skin, and with phlebotonic activity, strengthening capillaries and improving blood microcirculation.


Firms and enhances breasts

The MODEL SEN line helps to firm and enhance breasts. It provides full treatment for achieving a natural and long-lasting breast augmentation. The exclusive VOLUPLUS™ complex together with the synergistic action of its main ingredients stimulates adipogenesis and the creation of new fat cells that result in an increase of breast volume. It has a formulation that is rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals that help strengthen support fibers by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, while hydrating and softening the skin. It increases the healing and oxygenation of the skin tissues and, thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, combats free radicals, inhibiting membrane lipid peroxidation and reinforcing the extracellular matrix.


Reduces localized fat, firms and shapes the silhouette

Anubis offers two products that boost penetration of the active ingredients and improve the performance of anti-cellulite and volume reduction treatments.


Stimulates circulation, relieves sense of heaviness and refreshes

Formulated with ingredients that have a cooling sensation and promote circulation, it soothes tired legs, providing relief for the feeling of heaviness. It is also recommended for anti-cellulite treatments or after tension relieving massages.



Prevents and reduces stretch marks

Highly regenerating treatment. Increases hydration of the skin’s tissue, augmenting its elasticity. Repairs damaged connective tissues and stimulates cell metabolism and regeneration ability.


Soothing and protecting range of products for after hair removal treatment

Line of products for after hair removal treatment to soothe the area following hair removal. Protects, treats, repairs and cares for the skin, helping to weaken and slow down hair regrowth.


Conducting cream suitable for use with machines

Enriched with hyaluronic acid that enhances the hydro-lipid layer, moisturising and leaving a silky feel on the skin.



Protects, repairs, nourishes and refreshes

Specially formulated line of products for the care of the parts that are constantly exposed to aggressive external factors.


Solar line that protects and tans, nourishes and moisturises the skin

Offers more than just sun protection. With Natural Sol the skin is more beautiful encouraging a natural and lasting tanning.