Anubismed – ALR Lipo Reducing Cocktail (5x10ml)

Lipo Reducing Cocktail


Professional use only, price available on request – contact us.

Lipolytic and reducing cocktail, indicated for the treatment of generalized or localized cellulite. With reducing and lipolytic action, it acts at a cellular level promoting fat burning and mobilization, thereby reducing the size of adipocytes and consequently, reducing the contour and orange peel. Its draining and detoxifying action helps to reduce the body volume.

– Reduces the orange peel.
– Decreases the localized fat accumulations.
– Decreases the body volume and promotes the liquid removal.
– Body contour is redefined.
– More flexible, firmer and moisturised skin.

– Fibrous and edematous cellulite.
– Localized and generalized fat.
– Fluids retention.
– Flaccidity and sagging.
– Double chin.
– Stretch marks.
– Dehydrated skin with lack of elasticity.
– Cutaneous corporal ageing.