Polivitaminic Antioxidant Action (Professional Facial Treatment) 10 sessions

Antioxidant and repairing


  • Polivitaminic Concentrate (5 amp x 5ml)
  • Polivitaminic Cream (1 unit x 50ml)
  • Polivitaminic Mask (1 unit x 50ml)
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Professional use only, price available on request – contact us.

Facial Treatment:

Organises the internal structure of the skin for a more youthful appearance. With an innovative formulation based on Pro-Vitamin C, this treatment is powered by Citrustem®, orange stem cells that redensify the dermis.

Skin Type:

For all skin types. Specially those that need revitalising and preventing premature aging.


Pro-Vitamin C, Citrustem®, Hyaluronic acid.