Urban Detox Line Anti-Pollution Scrub 60ml

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Facial scrub with Moringa and Active Charcoal

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Facial Treatment:

Light textured exfoliating gel that helps remove both dead cells from the surface of the skin and dirt particles that accumulate in it.

It contains perlite of hydrated volcanic crystal, which act as an exfoliating agent, as well as active carbon in the form of microspheres that acts as a purifying agent, absorbing impurities and detoxing against contaminating microparticles that suffocate the skin. In addition, it contains extract of moringa that protects the skin against the environmental aggressions. Renewed, hydrated and healthy looking skin.

Skin Type:

Indicated for all skin types.


Moringa, Active Carbon, Perlite of Hydrated Volcanic Crystal.


Alcohol free, Kathon free, Sulfate free, Paraffin free, Mineral Oil free.

How to use:

Apply on clean and moist face, performing a gentle circular massage. The carbon spheres will be broken down and eliminated progressively during the massage. Remove with plenty of hot water to finish with cold water. Apply 1 or 2 times a week.


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